Launch Your Restaurants Custom Ordering
System and Grow Online Sales Super Fast

Launch Your Restaurants
Custom Ordering System
and Grow Online Sales
Super Fast

Ditch the 3rd-party delivery software and its higher fees. Release,
manage, grow and scale your restaurants custom delivery system
to all platform including ios,android and web by using foodos and
join the future of the restaurant business

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We are building FoodOS as an all-in-one
software solution for your restaurant to
Release, Manage, Grow and Scale

We are building FoodOS as
an all-in-one software
solution for your restaurant
to Release, Manage, Grow
and Scale

At FoodOS, we are creating software solution to release, manage,
grow and scale your restaurants online and in-house sales, Our
main goal is to offer you a flexible ordering system thats
customized to your
restaurants unique requirements, making your
operations smoother and hassle-free

Connect with customers in every platform

From Custom iOS and Android apps to seamless website ordering, we have got you covered. Connect with your customers wherever they are, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement for your restaurant

Control Everything with one software

Gain full control over your restaurant with our all-in-one software. From managing apps for online sale to POS system for in-house sale, we provide a single, user-friendly solution for streamlined restaurant management

You own your 100% profit of your Online sale

Leave behind the burden of third-party food delivery app charges. With FoodOS, you retain 100% of your hard-earned sales, ensuring maximum profit for your restaurant

You own every customer’s data

Your data, your control. With FoodOS, all customer information is yours, enabling personalized marketing and direct communication through in-app notifications, emails, and SMS

No dependency on 3rd party platforms & Competitors

With FoodOS, you break free from the need to depend on 3rd-party delivery apps, and your customers stay exclusively loyal to your brand, eliminating the risk of losing them to competitors

No Technical Expertise Needed

Weve got the technical side covered, from app publishing to ongoing maintenance. Your focus can remain on what you do best – running your restaurant and serving your customers

Its easier than ever to setup and run your online & in-house business with FoodOS

We make easier to start selling online with your own ordering system, create your hrestaurants ordering website within a minute and custom branded app within week

Step 1 : Register

Register your restaurant with FoodOS and Publish your app by providing your restaurant info and legal documents.

Step 2 : Publish

FoodOS will contact you and publish your restaurant app in iOS, Android and Website with in a week

Step 3 : Manage & Grow

You will get a dashboard where you can manage and update everything for your custom app

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App that connect your loyal customer
better than before

With our your Custom app, youll have the tools to engage with your loyal customers in ways that surpass previous experiences. Were not just about transactions; were about building relationships, fostering loyalty, and creating lasting connections that keep customers coming back for more

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Food ordering made easier than ever

No more long waits, busy lines, or confusing menus or Third-party app’s extra Fee. with your custom user-friendly app, your customer can easily order their desire food without any distraction

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Proven loyalty point method to increase your sale

Discover the power of our proven loyalty point system to boost your sales. By incentivizing and rewarding your loyal customers, you can enhance customer retention and drive significant revenue growth. Its a win-win strategy that keeps your customers coming back for more while increasing your overall sales

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Easy to send customize offer to loyal customer

Revolutionize your marketing strategy by effortlessly delivering personalized offers to your loyal customers through our apps push notifications. Engage your audience with tailored promotions that resonate with their preferences, and witness a significant boost in sales as your customers enjoy exclusive benefits and incentives, all at the touch of a button

Publish your restaurant ordering system today and join the future of the restaurant business